Saint Peter's University
John (Jack) Hampton Courses

John (Jack) Hampton
Professor of Business, Saint Peter’s
Risk Insider at Risk and Insurance magazine
Principal, Princeton Consulting Group.
Former Executive Director, the Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS) (2000-2004.) 
Former dean of the schools of business at Seton Hall and Connecticut State universities and provost of the College of Insurance in New York City.

The American Management Association published his books The AMA Handbook of Financial Risk Management (2011), Fundamentals of Enterprise Risk Management (2009), and the AMA Management Handbook. Other books include Financial Decision Making (Prentice-Hall. four editions), Working Capital Management (John Wiley and Sons), and Modern Financial Theory: Perfect and Imperfect Markets (Prentice-Hall).

2012, Outstanding Business Reference Book, American Library Association.
2012, Innovation Award, Business Insurance magazine.
2008, Risk Innovator, Risk and Insurance magazine.

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